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Kevin Hart is a dynamic and charismatic performer who has captivated audiences with his quick wit and infectious energy. With a talent for storytelling and a natural ability to connect with people, Kevin has become one of the most successful comedians and actors of our time. His unique blend of humor and heart has made him a favorite among fans and a sought-after collaborator in the entertainment industry.


Jason Momoa is a powerhouse performer with a commanding presence and magnetic personality. With his chiseled physique and rugged good looks, he has become an icon of strength and masculinity. But it's his depth of character and emotional range that truly set him apart, making him a versatile actor who can bring any role to life. Whether he's playing a superhero or a troubled antihero, Jason's performances are always compelling and unforgettable


Steve Harvey is a multi-talented entertainer with a gift for connecting with people and making them laugh. With his infectious humor and quick wit, he has become one of the most beloved personalities in television and radio. But Steve is more than just a funnyman - he's also a successful author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. His ability to inspire and motivate others has made him a sought-after speaker and mentor, and his positive energy and charisma are contagious.


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